London United Tramways A History 1894-1933 te Koop Aangeboden op

London United Tramways A History 1894-1933.

Tekst: Wilson, Geoffrey.

Uitg: George Allen & Unwin Ltd, 1971.

ISBN 0 04 388001 1

Hardcover met omslag.

Taal: Engels – 240 pagina’s.

Omslag sporen, boek zelf in nette staat.

Tekst op flap omslag:

With the twentieth century arrived the first

electric tramcars in London. 

Thirty years later the first trolley buses

arrived-along with a fleet of new trams that

were the most modern of their day. 

This era was one of rapid change,

rich in achievement adn personalities. 

Among the more colourful of the undertakings

involved was London United, which introduced the first

public service of electric tramcars in 1901 adn

became one of the predecessors of the present London Transport.

This is a study of this eventful period,

relating the development of the tramway and 

trolleybus system to the changing social background. 

It contains a wealth of hitherto unpublished material,

both factual and anecdotal, taken from contemporary

newspaper and other accounts, and a remarkable

collection of illustrations – 48 pages in all. 

It should be of interest not only to the transport enthusiast

but also to the general reader interested in social history.


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